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© 2016 Cambridge Food & Wine Society. All Rights Reserved.                                                                                Email:


1. The Society, founded in 1991, shall be named "Cambridge Food and Wine Society", and shall have for its objectives the provision of tastings, visits and other social activities for its members.


2. The Society is constituted by the following Rules as a non-profit making members’ society. In no circumstances during the continuance of the Society, nor after its dissolution, shall any assets or surplus funds be distributed to any member or other person, nor to any organisation which is did not itself either constitute as non-profit making or a charity.


3. There shall be only one class of individual membership. Membership is restricted to persons aged 18 or over.


4. Membership is obtainable on payment of an annual subscription. The rate of subscription is decided by the Committee of the Cambridge Food and Wine Society. In the event of the Society being liable for Value Added Tax (or any other tax) on members’ subscriptions, the rate of subscription shall be inclusive thereof.


5. Membership subscriptions are valid from twelve months from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated. The full rate of subscription shall be due on application for membership, irrespective of when such application for membership is made during the membership year, and no refund of said subscription shall be made for any reason.


6. The Society’s financial year shall run from 1st March to the last day of February of the following year and the accounts submitted to the Annual General Meeting shall be prepared accordingly.


7. The Committee shall have the power to limit the number of members if they consider it necessary.


8. The Committee shall have the power, in the interests of the Society:


a) to terminate or suspend the membership of any member


b) to exclude any member or guest whom it considers to be in breach of these Rules, or to have committed misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other member or guest, wherever committed.


9. Non Members are permitted to attend Society events only on payment of the appropriate non-member priced ticket.


10. The management of the Society shall be in the entire control of a maximum of three 0fficers (from the membership)  whom shall fill the following offices.

Event Coordinator

Society Treasurer

Event Marketing and Communications Officer.

The oficers will appoint as many committee members, to be known as Event Planners that the Event Coordinator deems necessary to run the society successfully.

Event planners must commit to organising at least 1 event per year.

All shall be elected for the year at the AGM. Officers and event planners may stand for re-election. Officers have the power to fill any casual vacancy throughout the year.


10.1 The Event planner will receive one free place on the event that they have organised. This is for the event cost only and is applicable when sufficient tickets have been sold to cover the cost. The amount must not exceed £50.00. If insufficient tickets are sold then the EP must pay the full cost of the event. The Treasurer must approve the transaction.


11 The Committee shall have the power to expel any Committee Member failing to attend three consecutive Committee Meetings.


12. The Committee shall from time to time make and revise the Society’s Rules and shall have the power to decide any matter unprovided for by the Society’s Rules for the time being. They shall meet at least four times in every year and additionally as circumstances may require. The quorum at a Committee meeting shall be 4, and in the event of equality of voting, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. The Committee may delegate any part of its duties (except under the first sentence of this Rule or under Rule 8) to one or more sub-committees which may be composed of any members of the Society. The Committee shall also be permitted to call upon the expertise of any member(s) of the Society, where their attendance at (a) committee meeting(s) would prove in the best interests of the Society as a whole. Members so attending would be present in an advisory capacity and would not be entitled to vote on any issue.


13. An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the period from 1st March to 30th April each year.


14. The Committee shall call an extraordinary general meeting at their discretion or within one month of receipt of a signed request by at least 20% members, stating the business to be transacted.


15. Any member wishing to propose a resolution at the AGM must send a copy thereof to the Marketing and Communications Officer before March 15th so that provision may be made on the agenda. The MCO shall send to every member at least seven days’ notice of any general meeting, together with a copy of the agenda.


16. The business of the AGM shall be the confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM and any subsequent extraordinary general meeting, the consideration of the Committee’s report and the Honorary Treasurer’s accounts for the year, which may be circulated prior to the AGM, the election of Officers and Event Planners for the ensuing year, the appointment of an independent Examiner, any item of which notice has been given and details included on the agenda, and any other business permitted to be raised by the Chairman of the meeting.


17. At any general meeting the quorum shall be 20% of members entitled to vote.


18. A copy of these Rules made by the Committee under Rule 12 shall be available on request to each member who shall be deemed to be conversant therewith.


19. The Society shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at a general meeting after due notice by at least two thirds of those present and voting, or automatically on failure to elect any one of the three Officers.

(As amended by Minutes of the Committee dated 19th January 2016)